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September appointments are fully booked!

October appointments (fall clothing) will open for booking 10:00 am on October 1st.

If you are a current consignor and missed out on getting a September appointment, you can still bring us the following items with no appointment as a seasonal drop off in September.
Halloween costumes, Halloween tees, snowsuits, winter coats, snow boots, Christmas pjs, Christmas tees.

Bring these seasonal items in a box or bag marked with your name that you don't need returned to you! ***No other items may be included with your seasonal drop off (i.e. no shoes, regular clothing, puffy vests or rain coats/boots)

Note that we will no longer return unsold items at the end of term unless we price them at $24 or more.
If you have never consigned with us, please visit for more information about consignment.

Use the drop down option to book either a scheduled consignment appointment OR you can reserve an unscheduled clothing drop off slot.

Note - Clients who select to book a September UNSCHEDULED CLOTHING SLOT may come by any time between September 6 and 26th to drop off fall clothing items.We will NOT go through your items while you are in store. This is a true drop off. Please note that we will ONLY take your 30 best seasonally appropriate items (a multi-piece set counting as one item). Items that cannot be accepted due to flaws, being the wrong season, or being a value brand will be donated.

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